Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Reunion Night at George's Place

Thanks to EVERYONE who was able to come to the party, and those of you who were not, but were able to send in your information. The night was a HUGE success, tons of fun and full of excitement and energy. It was AMAZING to see us all together again. I probably think that the most, since I have been MIA this whole time, but still! I have only positive and glowing memories of the whole event, hopefully you do as well. We were well taken care of by Pete and his crew at George's Place and there were drinks and hugs all the way around. Can't wait for next year!!!

PS - If any one has any other photos from the evening that they would like to post, please feel free to send them to me.


Jennalee said...

hey! you should help me throw one of these together for my class the week I'll be there in August! :) actually I think it would be just as fun to just see you :) great job getting all those people together! I'll have to stop in at Georges Place it looks different inside than when we used to go there in highschool :)

Montray said...

Nice, It seems asi if you all had ablast. Wish I was there. I would love to cathch up. wow, "91" great year, good times.