Thursday, June 12, 2008

Claire Zick

I won't be able to make it to the reunion but it sure looks like fun. I live in a small house in Connecticut now with my husband Sean Cocco. No kids, no pets, but lots of work and travel. After I graduated from college I lived in Seattle, worked as a Microsoft permatemp for a while and then for a 90's boom Web service company. I also kept up the flute as my professional hobby and played with the Bellevue Philharmonic, Pacific NW Ballet and whoever else would hire me. In 2000, Sean and I moved to Italy for a year while he had a Fulbright scholarship and I studied flute in Rome on a Rotary scholarship, which basically turned into an amazing year of vacation for me while he had to work hard to finish his research. Sean is Italian so we go back regularly to visit his family and friends. After Italy we were in Seattle for a few more years while Sean finished his PhD and then moved to Hartford, CT in 2005 when he got a job teaching at Trinity College. I've been working as a product manager for a start-up software company that was purchased two years ago by a non-profit called OCLC. After moving to CT I started working remotely from my home so I have to find activities to get out of the house, which usually end up be theatre related. I started doing improvisational theater several years ago and was part of Unexpected Productions at the Market Theatre until I moved to Hartford. Now I teach improv and perform in both improv and scripted shows at the local theatres here. That's me in the platinum blonde wig. I never get my own hair to look half as good. I'm back in Seattle 3 or 4 times a year for work and visiting family. I hope I can make the next reunion - everyone looks so good and happy. Hope you all have a blast and if you are ever on the east coast, you're welcome in Hartford.

Take care,

The attached pictures are:

Me and Sean in Italy last year
Cast photo from Lend Me a Tenor
Claire shoveling snow in a blizzard - never did that in Seattle!
The small house in CT - since I don't have kids you get a house picture instead.


Anonymous said...

One time in bandcamp, I stuck a flute...

Matthew Treder said...

So glad to see you made it to Italy :)
My first and only visit was to Sicily, to play with l'Orchestra Jazz Siciliana. It was as beautiful as anything I have ever experienced.