Friday, June 20, 2008

Kimberlee Waltz Farvour

So here is a photo of me and my children, Henry (10 mo.) and Katelyn (4). Then one of my hubby and kids on fathers day. I am working as a full time mom after 9 yrs with Ann Taylor traveling and opening stores and training staff. Hung up my retail bunny ears and went to work at the Bon/Macy's as a buyer. Then went on to work as inside sales and accounting at Architectural Details mfr of custom lighting and that was awesome. Worked there until I had my 2nd child Henry and am now figuring out what I want to do next when I grow up. A friend and I want to launch a jewelry and child's accessory line at some local Queen Anne boutiques, but we will see. Not much time between chasing the kids and running around.
Married my husband Steve Farvour in 2000. He is a project mgr at a structural engineering company in Seattle.
We just love to hang out with our kids and travel a bit and cook.
So neat to see and read about all of these neat kangs endeavors, thanks everyone for sharing! Who would of thought? :)

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